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Life is like a bottle of WINE, the older it gets better it tastes. Just keep sipping it slowly

Nupur Majumder Sandhu

29th April, 1971 at around 8.30 pm (GTM) I realized that the day had finally come, after winning the race; reaching the finishing line where egg was placed. But that was not the end, every day I developed and grew and after journey of nine months, I was out to experience this world in flesh weighing 3.4 pounds. It was in the military hospital Madras, now Chennai.

Yes, I was born to the proud parents Mrs Santosh Gupta and Sqn Ldr RK Gupta (an Airforce Officer,) not only they , then my elder sister who was three, was also very thrilled, and amused to see me, hold me and hug me. My little tiny form was given a name NUPUR. It was a life- changing experience for them as well as for me.

My early childhood memories were full of love, laughter and naughtiness. I was a happy go lucky child. We were at small station in Bihar, named Jhumree Talaiyaa. People thought I did things which were beyond any explanation but then it was my out of box thinking syndrome.

I remember an incident when I was in nursery and I tucked my skirt in a bloomer and pulled my sweater till my knees. The teacher got puzzled and called for my elder sister thinking that I forgot to wear the skirt only. Teacher just couldn’t think beyond the ordinary; that I wanted to wear a one piece dress like her. This limited thinking refrain me to go any closer to schools.

I was my papa’s darling and a brat of the highest order. Teasing my sibling and sneaking was regular affair. Picking pebbles, collecting shells from nearby river, going for picnics, wearing polka dot frocks, listening to bed time stories, learning and singing old songs with my papa was a pet routine. The people around me accepted me and loved me whole heartedly and when their love oozed out too much they fondly called me ladoo.

Few years later, another winning entry happened in our family with my younger sister. Great pleasure and sister bonding was on its way. Now the family of five would travel on our one and only mustard coloured Lamreta scooter with a cushioned carrier…our self modified car. I enjoyed more in that modified car then in an actual car which was our proud possession a few years later. Every passing year and every new station gave me opportunities to explore learn and grow with different people from diverse cultures. I never enjoyed text book study in class rooms and the back benches were my constant play.

Later I went on to do my graduation in humanities from Punjab University, and Master’s in Education from Avadh University. I also picked up a Post Graduate Diploma in child guidance and Counselling, from Indian Institute of counseling, Delhi, and one in public relations. I am also a trained practioner in Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP)

For me life has been an evolving process and during one of these self discovering journey’s I encountered the modality of Serenity Surrender unarmed, and was mesmerized by the extreme beauty and soulfulness of this modality. Though my educational qualifications touch upon various fields but they all surprisingly in a very eloquent manner blended seamlessly with the modality of Serenity Surrender.

Presently I am a therapist and a certified teacher of SS basic workshop. Though now, I am a teacher of the modality I was earlier a student of. This journey from a student to a teacher has been overwhelming but I still feel that the modality has so much to offer that every time you come face to face with it you learn and evolve more and hence we all are mere learners.

18 Real Life Stories of Great Valour And Bravery

  • Authored book highlighting the stories of brave children who have received the National Bravery Award
  • Book was released in Chandigarh Press Club and received appreciation from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Capt. Amrinder Singh, Mehar Mittal (Punjabi actor)
  • Invited and honored by Ms. Sheila Dikshit, the then-Chief Minister of Delhi
  • Press coverage included all leading newspapers with interview being telecast on Delhi Doordarshan, Star Plus and Jalandhar Doordarshan
  • Awarded the Acharya Narendra Dev Award in 2005. This samiti was founded in Faizabad by the ancestors of Acharya Narendra Dev – a renowned social thinker, educational luminary and a freedom fighter.

Well Wishers

Vinegar and Honey : For Perfect Harmony

  • Compiled a book on marital relationships for the Rotary Club of Jullundhur
  • Book highlighted Rotary International’s annual theme Peace through Service and received appreciation from Mr. Sakuji Tanaka, the then-Rotary International President and many other senior Rotarians.
  • I handled various posts in the club. It is being a social and family club so lot of interaction I had with better half's of other men members.
  • In 2012 when I took over as the secretary of the Rotary Club I decided to put our Rotary International Theme of that year "Peace Through Service" in a form of compiled book on Marriage Relationships "Vinegar and Honey For Perfect Harmony" with a message that Service begins at your doorstep. It deals with serious issues with subtle humour.

Well Wishers

Celebrating 12 years of my first book with students of Army Public School, Ranikhet in 2017