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Our emotions and feelings come with a tag
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Behavioural Counselling

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Behavior is something which can be overt as well as covert. It is very essential that we have a proper understanding of the behavior to resolve conflicts that one encounters. Using the basic methodologies along with Neuro linguistic programming techniques have been helpful in successfully nailing down the problems effectively.

There is no training to be a parent or if there is, then how many parents take it. Two adult individuals get married and bear a child and then the actual story begins……… MY CHILDREN they should be the best, obedient, smart, good in everything, good looks because they are my children…the legacy they carry genetically. Is that enough? Does it fulfill your responsibility as parents? Only your wish and genes you have transferred would help them to be what you want them to be and suppose they don’t turn out to be the person you wanted, then what? Have you thought of the fact that your children are individuals and would have their own identity, likes and dislikes?

Yes, no parents can guarantee child’s success or failure. As parents they can surely prepare their children to be strong enough to overcome setbacks. As parents we should be helping them to find their own identity, we should be support pillars in their journey of self discovering. Remember it is their Journey of self discovering.

Take sessions on improving Couple relationships, dealing with their marital and parenting issues, understanding and improving on Child parent relationships.