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Belle Moi , Beautiful Me!!!

Let's understand #Glass and #CementDelusion how BelleMoi-BeautifulMe!!!! Protrays these delusions and beleifs we carry due to it and how to release yourself from these self limiting beleifs. Let's read this and understand Glass and Cement Delusion


During the late Medieval period, around the 15th to 17th century, a weird psychiatric disorder swept through Europe. Many people believed that they were made of glass and were likely to shatter with the slightest contact. This order was later named "The Glass Delusion" and was recorded in the research journal History of Psychiatry. Such a belief meant that people took great lengths to change their lifestyle habits, adjust their behaviors, and even avoid human contact so that they won't get "shattered." For example, a 1561 medical account describes a patient "who had to relieve himself standing up, fearing that if he sat down his buttocks would shatter. This man constantly applied a small cushion to his buttocks, even when standing." Another reported suffer was the French king, King Charles VI. He refused to let anyone touch him and wore reinforced clothing to protect himself from "shattering"! Charles VI, King of France also suffered from the glass delusion. Most of you would probably find this glass belief stupid since we obviously know that humans aren't made of glass. After all, we are in contact with people every day — from brushing shoulders to shaking hands to hugging — and we don't see anyone exploding into pieces! It would seem silly that people would modify their life over such an irrational fear.


Few 100 years later came time where people started beleiving that they are made of cement. Hard enough to be broken ever. This was a facade or you may call it denial that they didn't want to face and accept the softness they had within. Yet, these beliefs were very real to the European people then. While we know the glass belief and cement belief is false today, then have you wondered if you are carrying false and self-limiting beliefs, how much it prevents you from living a great life? Consider these seemingly benign statements we say on a daily basis even today

  • "I can't tell the truth because I may get judged..."
  • "I don't want to get close to this person lest my heart gets broken..."
  • "I don't want to ask for what I want because, what if I get rejected?"
  • "I can't trust people because I've been betrayed before..."
  • "I can't pursue my dreams because I don't know what I'd do if I fail..."
  • "I can't do X because of Y..."
  • "I can't do A because of B..."

The only difference between us and the Medieval Europeans is that their belief was centered around physical contact, while our beliefs are centered around our emotions, relationships, and goals. Deep down, we're afraid that once our emotions get hurt, once we experience a heartbreak, or once we face a setback... we'll shatter and die. These beliefs are no less irrational than the Medieval European's glass and later cement belief.

Short film BelleMoi - BeautifulMe!!!! to be screened at Jaipur Intl Film Festival

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Plein La Bourboule, Cinema De Festival 16Th edition, France. My short (5.47 minutes) animated film, Belle Moi, Beautiful Me!!! Is one of the 160 films to be screened at the festival On 27th May 2018

This short film showcases how all our emotions we feel are subjected to branch out from our two significant emotions-- Love and Fear. The film revolves around a protagonist who struggles to achieve the acceptance he has always craved for. He is caught amidst a tornado of non acceptance, and hence he always desires to be loved and accepted by his friends. The whirlpool of emotions becomes even deeper because of the bullying and humiliation he faces. The film progresses towards a resolution when a Serenity Surrender therapist guides him through this rough patch and helps him attain the understanding that we are a WHOLE and can only be seen as a ‘COMPLETE’ being when we embrace the binary of strength and weakness. The message we intend on extending is that who we are, is defined by all our aspects (strength- weakness/ negative- positive emotions). We need to embrace and love ourselves first, to be able to receive the acceptance from others.

The May ends with a beautiful #Pleasant Surprise when the honourable members of Jury of the PleinLaBobine, Festival De Cinema watches your Short Film.... with audience and gives their thumps up and guidelines of how to progress further. Felt just awesome and honoured.

Jury Members
Mr. #AyoubLayoussifi, Actor, Writer and Director, known for his films "13Hours" and "Queen of Desert"
Mr.#BenoitMARTIN, Writer and Actor
Ms. #Zoelibault, Actor

Film was also appreciated by #MrMario , writer and director whose short Animated Film won many awards and won a special mention award in this festival too. His new book is now being scripted into a feature film......

It was indeed a great great experience.....

Thank you #RuchiIndia, Dharamvir Singh Mahip Dagar #Sarah #Caciaura #PleinLaBobine

Children enjoyed dance party and also understood film's main ecessence of masking themselves and portraying powerful no more required.

The film Beautiful Me- Belle Moi!!! has been selected for 7th Bangalore Shorts Film festival

Pictures : Kashish Sandhu