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Career is the Carrier of the cycle of life

Career Counselling

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Students touch the first crossroads in life when they are in higher secondary. Here comes the first dilemma, to choose the stream for higher studies. Only one question that rings is "Where, how and which way do I complete my +2?" Not only does a student have to select the stream of studies, but also the subjects.

Students who are born at the end of the twentieth century have been witnessing the challenges and thrill of change and newness and that defines their generation. When they look around they see so much happening – tremendous advances in the retail and marketing sector, legal experts thriving, creative designers getting any fees that they demand, and even managers rising fast up the corporate ladder. Such a scenario, while very encouraging and thrilling, raises the doubt in many young children about their future.

"There is a problem of PLENTY.” Too many career choices, too many advisors, too much at stake. Sharp students know that if they make a wrong move, they can be pushed off the fast track and will wallow in the shallow waters of mediocrity and stagnation.

Sometimes children are pushed into/ or they opt for careers which are not suitable for them. To really be able to succeed and enjoy work, it is necessary that the individual should have interest in what he/she is doing, and also have an aptitude for it.

Career Counselling is the compass to help students and their parents to come out of this foggy track.

During my counseling sessions I’ve observed that students from 10th class to 12th class feel they are trapped where no one understands them their aspirations and fears. They feel their parents are following them with HAWK eyes just telling them to focus on their future………FUTURE IS WHAT……neither the child nor the parents are clear of. They both are standing in front of dark tunnel busy blaming each other for something or other.

Local survey says that 85% students take the stream according to the CGPA they get in 10th. If not this then follow their friends or do what their parents want them to do. Where they rate both science streams PCB and PCM highest followed by COMMERCE and in the end HUMANITIES. Almost two decades back scenario was the same but now there are many options in every field. All above mentioned streams are equal you need to work hard equally the only difference is in aptitude and interests of the student.

Career these days is one thing which people are very concerned about. Be it a young child or the parents, they all want to make that the career choice they make is the best for them. But in amidst of these plethora of opportunities one often finds themselves baffled. This is the crossroad where the career counselors come to your rescue. The career counseling tests are a tedious task to perform and administer. It has 13 battery tests, testing every aspect of one’s personality and intellect to be able to provide a concise yet accurate and detailed report of an individual’s aptitude to help them choose the right field.

What is a Career

It is not just a job. It is a way of life wherein a person’s achievements and happiness depend on it. Today, innumerable new avenues have opened up. This is the right time to guide them to not to get into a course or a job just because everyone else is rushing for it. Instead focus on your inherent strengths and aptitude.

How to Select a Career

Sometimes children are pushed into/ or they opt for careers which are not suitable for them. To really be able to succeed and enjoy work, it is necessary that the individual should have interest in what he/she is doing, and also have an aptitude for it.

What is Aptitude

Aptitude is the potential to develop the skills that are required in any particular field. Each career has different aptitude requirements, and only by matching them scientifically (through standardized C.A tests) can we be sure that we are heading in the right direction.

What is Career Aptitude Test

It is a type of an assessment tool which is meant to evaluate or measure various abilities or areas of strengths (skills, abilities and talents) and areas of weaknesses and/or improvement of an individual.
These tests include a set of questions about a person's interests, preference, hobbies, style of working and style of learning and gauge of one's social and interpersonal skills.
Battery tests may be categorized into different areas of skills and abilities.

Step 1: Psychological testing

  1. Aptitude Test: To measure the aptitude areas of the student will be administered through a standardized and reliable tool for the same and is globally used. With this test we will be assessing eight aptitude areas
  2. Interest Test: We will be using Vocational Interest Record (VIR) or CIS. These tests are designed for Indian settings and is a standardize tool.
  3. Study Habit Test: We will be using Study Habit Inventory which is designed for Indian settings. It is standardized tool to test and access the following seven areas of study habits
  4. Learning Style: Learning style will be assessed by a questionnaire under four categories

Step 2: Personality test

In this 20 different dimensions of an individual’s personality is assessed.

Step 3: Reporting

Compiling tests and preparing reports based on them.

Step 4: Persoanl Counselling Session based on the report And Personality test

Give them liberty to explore various career options. Discuss career ideas and not force them. Help them to find out more about the profession, show faith in them. Remember they are individuals with their own unique identities, likes and dislikes.

Contact us for personal career counseling sessions for parents and their child. Together we can give a bright future to our children