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Nupur Majumder Sandhu

29th April, 1971 at around 8.30 pm (GTM) I realized that the day had finally come, after winning the race; reaching the finishing line where egg was placed. But that was not the end, every day I developed and grew and after journey of nine months, I was out to experience this world in flesh weighing 3.4 pounds. It was in the military hospital Madras, now Chennai.

Yes, I was born to the proud parents Mrs Santosh Gupta and Sqn Ldr RK Gupta (an Airforce Officer) not only they , then my elder sister who was three, was also very thrilled, and amused to see me, hold me and hug me. My little tiny form was given a name NUPUR. It was a life- changing experience for them as well as for me.

My early childhood memories were full of love, laughter and naughtiness. I was a happy go lucky child. We were at small station in Bihar, named Jhumree Talaiyaa. People thought I did things which were beyond any explanation but then it was my out of box thinking syndrome.

I remember an incident when I was in nursery and I tucked my skirt in a bloomer and pulled my sweater till my knees. The teacher got puzzled and called for my elder sister thinking that I forgot to wear the skirt only. Teacher just couldn’t think beyond the ordinary; that I wanted to wear a one piece dress like her. This limited thinking refrain me to go any closer to schools. Read More

Overseas Projects

My Teachers...

All the Divine souls who have met me till date, and helped me in my journey of self recognition...
Actually, your soul and mine are the same, we appear and disappear in each other!

A journey within...

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We the Women

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Serenity Surrender


You and I have been here on this physical planet earlier also. We may not remember consciously but we have played many different roles and learnt and grew through those experiences. The lessons which are yet to be learnt put us on this Giant Wheel of births and re- births.

The contemporary man hankers for anchoring today, in a way like never before. The dots go back to the lives unseen. The circle comes complete only in full unison. The aura seen is just a speck, to revel into the depth, is the only pulsating truth.

Pathway to self

Serenity Surrender is the modality that is beautiful and simple way to understand how to live life of awareness and feel empowered each moment. This modality helps us to see our life, situations, relationships and many other concerns from the different and higher perspective.

For example, our conscious mind can carry unresolved issues, experiences that took place may be three to four decades back still bring tears and pain whenever we think or talk of them. In a similar manner our subconscious can travel thousand years back or more and may also carry unexpressed emotions and unresolved memories from the past lives too which get hooked for further lessons to be learnt in the present.

The path that was travelled in the past, sometimes carry the impression of its footprints hindering the journey of the present. SS is a tool that empowers us to know and understand what is in store with the subconscious mind and learn what is due to feel whole and complete in this moment by rapping the door of our past and exploring the unknown mystical world within.

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SS Workshops

Empower yourself to heal souls

Three days Serenity Surrender workshop is a life transforming experience for each participant. It is an enlightening journey where we will learn about ourselves in the ways we never knew possible.

The workshop will capacitate individuals to uncover those deep, hidden emotions, unresolved past memories that get hooked in subconscious mind and control our thoughts, attitude and behaviour.

It would help us to understand the basic mechanism of how those unresolved issues and incidences of past (may not be in our conscious awareness) govern our present. We will be able to recognize the onset of such emotions and learn to heal those negative beliefs; thus preventing our present from getting influenced by those baser instincts.

In these three days we not only learn to unveil the negative beliefs of our past and systematically heal them, but much more...

Let’s take a first step to the “Pathway To Self” through this Three Days Basic Workshop of Serenity Surrender.

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Students touch the first crossroads in life when they are in higher secondary. Here comes the first dilemma, to choose the stream for higher studies. Only one question that rings is "Where, how and which way do I complete my +2?" Not only does a student have to select the stream of studies, but also the subjects. .....
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Behavior is something which can be overt as well as covert. It is very essential that we have a proper understanding of the behavior to resolve conflicts that one encounters. Using the basic methodologies with Neuro linguistic programming have been helpful in successfully nailing down the problems effectively. ....
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