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InHerShoes... bi-lingual stage play
Based on Serenity Surrender Therapy


Story written by Nupur Sandhu, (based on her case studies of Serenity Surrender) stage scripted and directed by Aarushi Thakur Rana would be staged under Prestigious Natrang Banner, headed by Padamshree Balwant Thakur, at Abhinav Theatre, Jammu.

InHerShoes (bi-lingual stage play)


Saachi, has stepped in many shoes, walked through multi dimensional lanes in her journey of many lives, cherishing one lace of togetherness and happiness with the other lace of grief, despair and pain.

Subtly both these laces of experiences entangled itself into a chain; While making her move forward but holding on to the grief,fear and pain.

Let us walk along step by step with her and witness how she emerges from her experiences from the loops of all the static chains and gets ready to walk ahead towards unexplored new lanes,

Where there is little to lose,

And all of it to Gain!

The story is by Nupur Sandhu, who is a Serenity Surrender therapist and facilitator of basic Serenity Surrender workshops.

This play "InHerShoes" will touch the journey of a teenage girl till her marriage age who goes through sibling jeasously, PCOS disorder and dealing with the importance of outer beauty.

Nagrang banner is headed by Padamshree Balwant Thakur, National and International fame in theatre.

He is presently Director ICCR Jammu & Kashmir

Ms Aarushi Thakur Rana has many stage plays to her credit as a Performer and Director. One of her play's was staged at Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurgaon.

She is PG in International Politics from London, United Kingdom and attended UK Dramataics Academy

Absolute Serene Rememberance...

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Release of Track Song of "InHerShoes "

On 23rd Jan 2018 at Hungama Digital Entertainment P.Ltd., Mumbai.

Song written, composed and sung by : Shipra Malhotra, founder Musik Factory


InHerShoes - February Series

Six shows were staged of Inhershoes in four states (Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh) in its February Series.
The play was very well accepted and appreciated.

Abhinav Theatre, Jammu


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Punjab Naatshala Amritsar, Punjab


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Mulla Auditorium, Navy Nagar, Mumbai

Baba Dhanukar Hall, Kalaghoda Art Festival, Mumbai

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Labh Mandapm, Indore

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