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Past perceptions;
Keep us entrapped in self deception

Introduction of Serenity Surrender

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Have you come across a time when your Conscious mind succumbs to the situation? When the magnitude of reality is beyond your understanding? These are the times when nothing else but your sub-consciousness is at work. In understanding the sub-conscious and its composition, the sub-consciousness can be seen as a part of consciousness which is not in focal awareness. Beneath layers of consciousness exists a layer of awareness called the subconscious. The subconscious layer of awareness consists of the beliefs and ideologies which the conscious mind is not aware of.

We in awareness, belief that the root cause of every issue can be found out in our consciousness, but that is not the case, what we forget to consider is one of the most major part of mind the subconscious. The storehouse of our beliefs and ideologies has a powerful influence on our present without even our awareness. The subconscious is not an entity which is built overnight, but has layers accumulated not only from this but also from our previous lives.

Before we trudge along the path of past lives, it is integral that we first understand the concept of soul and body. As long as we are in human form our soul and body are in oneness. Where the body is mortal and the soul is immortal. The soul is continually evolving and keeps on changing its physical forms. Though the soul changes its physical form the soul carries with it the negative beliefs it, has from all its previous lives to the new life it is going to live. It is the remittances of these beliefs from the past which impact our present scenario and at time makes it difficult for us to understand the root cause. That is because the root traces back to our past which we are oblivious of.

Now the very question that why only the root cause of problems traces back and why don’t we hold positive beliefs which reflect in our present scenario. The positive times, we have lived through and hence don’t hook any beliefs from there, whereas the negative beliefs we can’t accept well and therefore we hook negative beliefs.

The healing modality helps us to understand our past and search the root cause for the problem and replace/uproot our negative beliefs then hooked in our subconscious with the positive ones.