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Past perceptions;
Keep us entrapped in self deception

Serenity Surrender Healing Sessions

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Troubles, worries, happiness and joy all are the emotions one faces in their lifetime. Then have you ever wondered why some worries and problems become constant in your life without any relevant reason in the present life. Haven’t there been times when you cannot understand a concrete cause for strained relationships, insecurities, health issues, financial problems and many more.

That is because the answer to all these questions trace back not to the present but to your past lives too.

There are various unanswered and unaccounted happenings in our lives, all of these aren’t simply the result of our present life but also our past lives. When we live and experience, we sail through the positive and sometimes get trapped in the negativity. The negative beliefs we hook from our lives become a part of our soul. Once the soul is suspended in the universe after leaving the human form it carries those beliefs with it. Hence, we carry some negative beliefs with us from our past lives which reflect on our present life.

Healing sessions would remove the blocks of the healee and bring shift in his energies for the better.

Though they aren’t any specific scientific evidences to prove the existence of past lives but human testimonials act as a substantial evidence to believe in them. Through this modality we resolve conflicts hooked in your subconscious from your past lives which in turn helps us live better present life. Our beliefs from the past lives have a significant impact on our present lives. Therefore, it is very essential to dwell and resolve our past conflicts so that they don’t manifest in the present life with the help of healing sessions.